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15 Underestimated Items at Downsizing Sales & Estate Sales

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Get the Report

Are you wondering what the top selling, sought after categories in Estate and Downsizing Sales are?

In this report we compiled popular categories and trends based on selling over half a million items on MaxSold this past year.

The results are sure to surprise you, and the professionals who buy and sell for a living are going NOT going to like us for making this report available to the public. (but we are going to do it anyway)

Even appraisers can't be certain what something might sell for as it is hard to be an expert in ALL categories (so pricing items individually isn't a practical option to get the best prices.) A lot of money is left on the table when using a "buy out" or "first come, first serve" option to sell items.

The competitive MaxSold auction platform that drives million of site visits (and 1000s of buyers in each category) in our view is the best option so that popular item categories become obvious as a result of competition among bidders that drive up the prices of your items. (and we provide local expert help to catalog and photograph the items, in addition to the professional supervision of the removal of those items)

What's Covered in this Report
  • Shocking marketplace trends with estate and downsizing goods
  • Common items thrown out that have value today
  • Reasoning behind the trends
  • Item examples (with pictures) and realized prices
  • Where to go for more information to develop product knowledge
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