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REMINDER: To save time and money be sure to confirm you have approval to conduct a sale from your location and review our Do Not Sell List.

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Seller Managed Auction Steps To Success

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Pre-Cataloging: Printable lot numbers are here

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Confirmation of Expectation: The auction won’t get competitive until the last 15 minutes and with our Soft Close Feature, bidding will continue until all the bidding stops. This ensures you get the highest possible competitive bid result under the auction and pickup timeline constraints you have chosen.  The MaxSold process is designed to sell the maximum volume of items in a finite time-frame while reducing logistical waste (typically to mitigate the stress of a major life event). MaxSold’s proven track record is thousands of auctions strong.  

Fine print:

EXPECTATION RISK:  If a value expectation risk exists, the $300 minimum fee will be required prior to launch.

TERMINATION: CONTRACTS ARE TERMINATED after 60 days (and all associated data deleted) without notice unless: a) the auction is launched; or b) an updated timeline is communicated to [email protected] to ensure we do not store stale files/data indefinitely.  Seller Managed contract termination is free prior to launch.

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